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We offer a full, integrated logistics service to every corner of the globe.
Our services are fully customized, tailored to specific needs and managed to ensure agreed deadlines are met.
Find out more about our international logistics system!

Delivery type

Core service
we take care of transport from the production site to the customer’s warehouse (DAP).

Option of global cross-trade shipments.

◉ Delivery of goods in the Far East with the option for customers to handle shipping with their own partners (FCA Incoterms ICC 2020)

◉ Select international triangulation (cross-trade) services with destination country-specific knowledge and support.

Delivery times

By sea

By air

By train

By Express courier

Logistics service

◉ Goods repackaging (on pallets)
◉ Custom packaging (stickers, shipping marks)
◉ Direct communication with logistics team to organize deliveries
◉ Document exchange (shipping with the customer’s delivery note)
◉ Packing list creation
◉ Option to store goods in our warehouse

Shipment tracking service

Our operational and IT systems can monitor your order in real time at every stage in the supply chain and enable global tracking of both inbound and outbound shipments.

◉ Tracking system to check the import status of your goods
◉ Online document management system (customer autonomy)
◉ Fast access to delivery tracking of goods

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